Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Still not seen our Greener Living films?

Our six minute film is a valuable tool at our community events and energy workshops, it has also been played to a slightly larger crowd at 2013 Grand Design LIVE, on the request of MP Ed Davey.  1000's of attendees saw our stick men and NEP customers in action and sharing their experience of the benefits and how the install process was for them.

The film starts off with relatively cheap and quick to install measures, loft and cavity wall insulation.  The application of solid wall insulation is then covered and features accounts from Aspley Super Warm Zone customers.  Next is solar power, and rounding it off is the green tips section.

In short, this short film shows how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home by installing practical measures and following simple green tips.  

Sit down, and take it all in (make sure you turn up the volume) - made by Black Hawk Productions:

Solid wall insulation section only  (this was played as a trailer in the opening week of Bond's Skyfall movie at The Broadway, Nottingham's art house cinema).

Aspley Super Warm Zone Film.  We had a little help from Aspley ward Coucillor, Graham Chapman - made by A Star Media.

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